Walking on the roads of marine surveys in Bangladesh commenced as early as after independence of the nation.  On those period surveys were undertaken mostly by on board master mariners and chief engineers and by the part timers class 1 certified mariners while they were in vacation.  Later on late eighties authorities started to adopt policies for shipping sector which established on early nineties as The Bangladesh Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1983 (BMSO 1983). From 1988, under this ordinance BMSO 1983, Department of Shipping granted qualified Class 1 as Independent Ship Surveyor to carry out marine surveys.

In 2003, through a government gazette namely ‘Ship Surveyors (Certificates) Regulations 2003’, criteria of ship surveyors under section 500 of BMSO 1983 was made more specified.

Meanwhile in 1994, Marine Surveyors Association of Bangladesh (MSAB) was formed aiming to serve the purposes in professional way to upkeep the interests of the government, principles and parties involved. MSAB is the association of marine surveyors in Bangladesh which is a registered body of Joint stock Companies and Firms and affiliated as a trade body to Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI). About one hundred class 1 marine surveyors have been associated under the umbrella of MSAB and are now serving the nation.


We are the only registered association in Bangladesh representing professional marine surveyors. Top most priority of this association is to bring all professional surveyors under one shade, provide necessary training to the members and to ensure to conduct marine surveys with professional attitude upholding dignity of the business and to defend safeties of the trades and patrons.

We promote the highest standards of marine survey methods and conduct connected with the occupation of marine surveyor without prejudice to the national interest. We collect and circulate data, statistics and information relating to marine surveys and all matters appertaining thereto.


As per certification, following are the category of ship surveys that a marine surveyor can undertake:

  1. Draft survey (Displacement calculation) to ascertain cargo on board
  2. Ullage survey in oil tankers
  3. Survey/investigation to ascertain nature and extent of damage to hull and machineries
  4. On-hire and Off-hire survey (General Status of a ship), to delivery/re-delivery of vessel as per terms of charter party.
  5. Inspection of cargo holds and cargo spaces prior loading and after discharge
  6. Pre-shipment inspection of cargo
  7. Dangerous goods survey
  8. Lashing and securing survey
  9. Bulk cargo pre-voyage inspection
  10. Stability calculation of vessels
  11. Evaluation of General condition of ship
  12. Break bulk survey (general condition) of imported cargo
  13. Cargo damage, cargo dispute and average adjustment
  14. Pre-voyage inspection of ship
  15. Container inspection and survey
  16. Inspection of import and export goods/cargo
  17. Cargo lifting gear and other equipment survey
  18. Any incidental and/or accidental issue on board
  19. Any issue regarding crew matter
  20. Any issue regarding shore workers while working on board
  21. Inspection and investigation about various marine and shipboard matters

Above mentioned inspections, surveys and investigations are being carried out by the ship surveyors on behalf of the following parties:

  1. Government and autonomous organizations
  2. Local private entrepreneurs
  3. Foreign entrepreneurs, such as suppliers, shippers etc
  4. Local importers
  5. Local exporters
  6. Local ship owners
  7. Local ship charterers
  8. Foreign ship owners
  9. Foreign ship charterers
  10. P& I Club of local and foreign ship owners
  11. P& I Club of local and foreign ship charterers
  12. Hull and machinery underwriters of local and foreign ship owners
  13. Local and foreign Insurance companies covering vessels and marine interests
  14. Local and foreign Insurance companies covering maritime interests
  15. Local and foreign Insurance companies covering industrial interests

The surveys conducted by marine surveyors are accepted by the parties concerning maritime and industrial issues from all over the world. Survey reports produced by the professional marine surveyors are also granted by the national and international legal authorities such as Admiralty Section of High court and being used as an authentic tool in case of arbitration hearing.

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